Introducing our Designer Brands-
A collection of higher quality pieces, in a very limited quantity. 
In the book of Esther you find she was a courageous woman. She risked her security, her life, all for the sake of others. She carried herself with boldness, class & poise. She was beautiful! She was open to advice & willing to act, she loved people, more than she loved herself. She was a woman we can all aspire to be a little more like. 
As you wear the pieces from this line our prayer is they will open up conversations. Us girls LOVE to ask another lady where she got her adorable outfit from. This is why we are keeping these pieces to such a limited quantity, we want you to stand out... just as Esther did. So, when you are asked where your adorable outfit is from you can explain the story of Esther & the story of Modest, which we pray will plant seeds to a whole other kind of conversation. 
In this Esther collection we pray you find yourself feeling courageous, confident & beautiful. Just as Esther did. 

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